Converting Random Hive-Engine dust to Blurt for the Splash 💦 Airdrop

in cryptoblurt •  6 days ago  (edited)

Why do I buy small amounts of Blurt on Hive-Engine ????

I just convert all my random Hive-Engine dust to Blurt...

It’s Free Blurt. I guess I use the correct #hashtags ??? #palnet #creativecoin etc ??

I must have staked some of these since I get a lot of Hive-Engine Coin dust every few minutes.

It adds up.

Maybe I should just stake them for more dust ?

What do you do with all your Dust ?


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You have a serious infestation of dust mites there!

Ha ha .... I know eh .... but I just see it as all Free Blurt 🤬 .... Free Splash 💦 .... Free Bling ... 🤑 .... Free 💰

Every penny of Dust adds up to 1 Blurt .... 1 Splash .... 1Bling .... imagine if they all go to $ 1 dollar !!!!!

Y'know, I've got blurt on hive-engine, but I have no idea how to get it off. What's the process?

You send to @blurtlink with your Blurt Username in Memo.... it’s explained here :

Awesome! Thank you!