Happy Sunday And Don't Forget To Always Avoid Toxic People

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Good morning dear blurtters.
Happy Sunday to you too.
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The people you surround yourself with can either make or mar you. Some people are best at using and relentlessly making efforts to see your downfall. Beware of toxic companys. Toxic people are the people that always ensure they break you and put a lasting negative impact in your life. These people make you feel like you are useless and can never achieve anything, no matter how much efforts you put - they discourage and disrupt your moves.

Toxicity is everywhere, even in places you could not imagine. Toxic people are just like every other person, it could even be your close friend or associates. You can encounter them in church, in the office, at home, friends even amongst family. The harm caused by these people is not worth creating a space for them in your heart - shut them off totally. The same way you protect yourself from dangerous animals or poisonous items is the same way you should to toxic people.

Associating with toxic people could result in depression, low self esteem, constant feeling of stress, high blood pressure and even death.

Try as much as you can to avoid the company of toxic people irrespective of who they are. The more you stay with them the more they get to influence you and the more you take them seriously. Never take their words to heart, rather see it as a reflection of their self.

You deserve the best in life
Don't let anyone make you feel less of who you are.
Rise up and shine.

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