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Let me start by telling you a story.

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Growing up, I learnt to always say THANK YOU whenever someone do me a favour, buy me a gift or compliments me. My mom always emphasize on the need to always appreciate people when they are good to me. She told me not to take anything for granted but I should always show my appreciation by saying thank you from the depth of my mind.

There's a popular saying in Yorùbá language (one of the indigenous languages in Nigeria) that "ẹni tó bá dúpẹ́ ọrẹ àná a rí òmíràn gbà". This means that anyone who is thankful for whatever someone did for him is sure going to get another favor. In other words, we should be thankful for what we have and we would have more. The need for appreciation can not but be overemphasized.

She makes me understand that when I cultivate the habit of being appreciative I wíll feel an inner joy and happiness from within me. I'd be contended with the little I have not bothering or concerned about what I don't have in life. She also further posits that just like the ultimate Law of Attraction - likes attracts like. She explained that it means that when I'm thankful for what I have or a favor that someone does for me I'd attract more that I'd be thankful for.

Isn't that some great motivation for a kid?

Times without number I have been scolded for not been thankful when I collect cash gifts or other forms of gifts from my parent's friends, relatives etc. I would receive a stern warning not to ever let it repeat itself again.

But, come to think of it?

At that time, I always seem overly happy and probably appreciating the persons in question in my mind but there's a general notion that people can not read your mind unless they have a supernatural power. So, this is the reason why we should express our thoughts in words and not in our mind. You have an unending stream of goodness in your life when you learn to be appreciative.

Hope you learnt a thing or two?

Let appreciation and be thankful be what you do daily. Let it be a part of you and you'd be surprised by how much you'd be a better person.

All contents are originally written by me, @williams-owb


Williams Oluseyi is a Linguist by discipline from one Africa's Most Prestigious Citadel of Learning, Obafemi Awolowo University. He developed interest for blogging at very early stage which motivated him to study English Language in College. He is a prolific writer, an inquisitive and judicious reader, to say the least. To get his daily bread, he is currently working in a Logistics company in Nigeria.
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