Story: Cloudburst

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I am visiting Nanu's house after 17 years of my parents' divorce. i can not unify without my younger sister. There is also anger on the mother, but not on the sister. and since the boat was too small, my mother took the boat with him. Long eighteen years no contact with them. i'll tell you later where I got the news of Tarir's marriage.
Suddenly the motive force stopped the bus. The passengers all paused. this can be not an area bus. Then why stop the bus and take passengers? i have been a touch stubborn since i used to be little. Dad wont to explain it to me all the time. But I failed to change. Later he realized that it had been the results of my family's unrequited love. TIt brings a unique dimension to my behavior. I attempt to keep myself up to speed all the time. But the case makes me like that before. I'm worried about it myself.


I got up from the seat, took two advancement, called the helper and said,
--What's the problem? Why did you stop the car?
The helper said calmly,
--A passenger will rise up.

  • Does Mia Faizlami or not? Is it an area bus?
    As soon because the helper answered my question, the passenger got on the bus and therefore the driver also moved towards the front of the car.
    The helper said with a bit thought,

  • What did you say? Say it again?
    --The seat next to you is empty.
    Did I just buy two tickets?
    --Oh brother sorry i do not remember.
    I checked out the helper with a touch angry look and sat down in my seat. I put one knee within the other seat. The journey from Dhaka to Khulna isn't less in the least. I could have brought my very own car. But the journey thus far are going to be difficult. I bought a ticket thinking of my very own safety. Not one again. Two without delay. it'll be convenient to sleep at the hours of darkness. i am unable to sit and sleep again. and also the bigger reason is that I can enjoy the pleasant environment outside by sitting by the window. If i do not get a seat by the window. So I bought two tickets without delay in order that nobody could come and share. i can not say that the bench is mine. The helper and my brother came behind me. i'm observing the opposite side. there's no way i'm leaving my seat.
    --Brother, we are refunding the rent of 1 of your seats. However, you'll be able to leave one seat with a touch effort.
    i used to be very angry with the helper.
    However, I didn't express it in my mouth. I controlled myself.
    --Brother, brother, please, please.
    --Please stay ahead, if you get angry but something bad will happen.

  • Brother, people are mistaken. try and understand a bit.

  • unfortunate but. Seeing that I had a controversy, I booked two seats.
    --Brother, she could be a girl, are you able to stand and go so far? What does it look like?
    --Just founded. Why do mothers and sisters drag everything? Go from the front.
    He left after eating my dhamka. i'm looking the opposite way. I can feel the presence of somebody next to my seat. he's standing together with his hands on the seat. Unwanted passengers are left to know. Whoever she is, I refuse to depart my seat. I checked out the girl once. feels like a university student. coming back from the hostel. Because there's a giant school speed within the middle of the shoulder. and therefore the bus was stopped before of a women's hostel. The girl's face is brown. However, it's not so black and not so beautiful. But there are plenty of Maya's abodes within the middle of the mouth. Shyamla girls are just plenty of Mayawati. People with white skin are acquainted with seeing them abroad, so this green-faced Mayawati has never been seen in such how. She has been seen again and again, but has not been noticed. i do not remember reading any of Humayun Ahmed's novels or stories. I remember the sentence but i do not remember the story. Anyway, it absolutely was visiting be about quarter-hour. See if I leave the seat. When he checked out me, he checked out the opposite side again. The helper was already fearful of my behavior. I looked around and saw many young men and middle-aged people swallowing the girl with their eyes. I couldn't take this matter. The society is ruined today. a woman isn't safe alone. The greedy eyes of the wicked will fall on the ladies. I got down from the seat and gestured to sit down on the seat. But he's standing straight and looking out at me. It seems to mention something.

  • What happened?
    --Brother, if you do not mind, i might say something.
    --If you would like to recollect, i will be able to love.

  • Then I stand.

  • If you wish to face, stand. I don't have such a big amount of headaches.
    After ages the girl said again,
    --Brother, am i able to get the seat next to the window? I mean, if you do not mind, you're as angry and scared as i'm. i am unable to sit without the seat next to the window.
    I didn't understand what i used to be thinking as I left the seat. The girl failed to accept it from me. i believed i'd tell you lots.


Thank you.

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