New Blurt Full Node

in blurtopian •  last month 

@jacobgadikian found a malicious activity on server, so he had take the server down this morning.

While is down for a moment, I changed the default node for, and to my personal full node, so sites can still running. Sites are running okay but just a little bit slow.

But some services(,,whalevault, etc) mainly rely on also experiencing downtime. Instead of asking them to change the default node, I set point to my full node, so this way, no change needed for other services.

In the future, any service has issue with other nodes, welcome to use my full node:

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Once again, thanks for your great work.

Thanks @ericet you are a true knight of the Blurt community! You are very much valued and respected.

  ·  last month (edited)

Thank you for your hard work @ericet and @jacobgadikian .

Great Job

Awesome 😊, sucks people need to be so low to try to harm the chain/site services.

Thank you for all the work you do behind the scenes

This is very effective work. I am facing problem with speed, stuck etc problem. I should try by changing to this node. Thank you very much for helping all blurt users in this case

thank you so much, we can use it now

村长,今天我的手机终于可以用了,是不是你改的文?Good job!


Thanks for your great work..I am new here but I loved this site

But why I cant't go to the address???

That’s a full node, front ends or other services use full node to retrieve blockchain data.


It is working fine now. The wallet sometimes doesn't load but everything else is working well.

Thank you for updating the servers.