How to Set Up a Witness Node?

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There is a pretty good witness document guides you set up a witness node step-by-step.

Just went thru the document yesterday, the above document is a little bit outdated, so I will show you how I setup my witness node in this post.

Blurt Witness Server Minimum Specs

  • CPU: 2+ Cores
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 80+GB
  • OS: Debian 10 (Buster)
    Make sure it's Debian 10, other OS doesn't work

Set up a Blurt Witness Node

1.Install a dependency:

apt install libncurses5 

2.Run the single-line installer:

bash <(curl -s

3.Run the following commands:

echo "webserver-http-endpoint =" >> /blurt/config.ini
echo "rpc-endpoint =" >> /blurt/config.ini
systemctl restart blurtd


4.Now you've just got to wait a bit for your machine to import 1.3 million Steem accounts and sync the Blurt Blockchain. To monitor this process, do like:

journalctl -u blurtd -f

When you see individual blocks being produced, it's done and you're ready to proceed


5.Exit the scrolling monitoring logs with Ctrl+C
Now you'll need to run cli_wallet:


6.Set a password:

set_password yourpassword


7.Creating witness keys:


Copy down its entire output and keep it safely. You'll be using this brain key to control your Witness.


Add private brain key to config.ini to sign blocks as a Witness
8.First exit the cli_wallet:


9.In the code below, replace BRAIN_KEY_WIF_PRIV_KEY with the previously generated Brain wif_priv_key and replace BLURT_ID with your own Blurt account name:

echo "private-key = BRAIN_KEY_WIF_PRIV_KEY" >> /blurt/config.ini
echo 'witness = "BLURT_ID"' >> /blurt/config.ini
systemctl restart blurtd
systemctl status blurtd

Paste all four of the lines above in one hit into the command line and press enter once.

Declare that you're a Witness

10.Use the command cli_wallet to go back into the wallet and then unlock it with:

unlock yourpasswordhere

11.Import your Blurt Active key:


12.Use the below code, but first replace the "BLURT_ID" with your Blurt account name; also replace the blog URL with your own blog url and the Brain public key with yours, which you generated from step 7:

update_witness "BLURT_ID" "https://your-blog-url" "BRAIN_KEY_PUB_KEY_GOES_HERE" {"account_creation_fee":"5.000 BLURT","maximum_block_size":65536} true

Success looks like this:

  "ref_block_num": 12141,
  "ref_block_prefix": 747640993,
  "expiration": "2020-06-15T16:54:30",
  "operations": [[
        "owner": "jacobgadikian",
        "url": "",
        "block_signing_key": "BLT8mBSoVWNcXqsk2PHTfJCxRz9ebJgz8e1WgAnuqQBpTjs9UXqGh",
        "props": {
          "account_creation_fee": "3.000 BLURT",
          "maximum_block_size": 65536,
          "account_subsidy_budget": 797,
          "account_subsidy_decay": 347321
        "fee": "0.000 BLURT"
  "extensions": [],
  "signatures": [
  "transaction_id": "d28314a76b29cfb30e8c8de40c819ae38b538181",
  "block_num": 12142,
  "transaction_num": 0

Updating Fees
13.Use the below code, but first replace the "BLURT_ID" with your Blurt account name; also Brain public key with yours, which you generated from step 7. You can also adjust account_creation_fee, operation_flat_fee and bandwidth_kbytes_fee as desired.

update_witness_properties "BLURT_ID" {"key":"BRAIN_KEY_PUB_KEY_GOES_HERE", "account_creation_fee":"5.000 BLURT","maximum_block_size":65536,"account_subsidy_budget": 797, "account_subsidy_decay": 347321, "operation_flat_fee":"0.001 BLURT","bandwidth_kbytes_fee":"0.010 BLURT"} true

You are done now. Once you produce your first block, your witness node version will be updated(Initially the version is 0.0.0).

Useful Links/Tools

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Thanks for making an updated step by step guide! I'll use this when I migrate off of my privex box. Is there a guide around for updating a witness server to a new HF?

There is a Updating For HF2 section in the witness doc:

or you can just stop the blurtd, then run the first 2 steps in this post. The one line installer also includes the HF2 build.

Bookmarking this. Thanks for the the step by step guide. I have always planned on setting up my witness node.

Looks like a quest for me. :-) Thank you!

That's enough and be very helpful who wants to create witness node. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks a lot for creating detailed steps on this topic. It will be appreciated by Blurtters who plan to set-up their own witness.


It’s fair easy to setup a witness node. Hope more people will contribute to secure the chain








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