How to Set Up a Blurt Full Node?

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This guide show you how to set up a Blurt Full Node.

Blurt Full Node Spec

CPU2+ Cores
OSDebian 10

Set up a Blurt Full Node

Run the following one-line command as root on your fresh Debian 10 physical or virtual machine.

bash <(curl -s

Now you've just got to wait a bit for your machine to import 1.3 million Steem accounts and sync the Blurt Blockchain(About 1 hour). To monitor this process, do like:

journalctl -u blurtd -f

When you see individual blocks being produced, it's done and your full node is LIVE!

You can access your node thru port 8091(Make sure port 8091 is open). Example: (A full node I just set up for purpose of this demo)

Just a note, the above script set you up a RPC node, if you want to make it a JUSSI, follow the setup here:

Current Blurt Full Node

Node UrlOperator
rpc.blurt.worldCore Team
api.blurt.blogCore Team

This full node setup guide is based on Blurt witness setup guide by @jacobgadikian with some modifications

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Off topic.
Dear @ericet, since two days I'm not able to load pictures to the blockchain. It always results in

Uploading image #NaN...

Tested with all condensers on Chrome, Firefox and Brave. And of course I wiped the cache. I even swiched the nodes without any effect. Do you have a hint, how to solve this apparently individual problem?

That’s an image hosting issue @jacobgadikian is trying to resolve. Not client side issue, it’s a server side issue

Thank you. But others can upload pics, like you for example. And normaly there is a rumor, when people have issues. That's really strange. Not one word from the bloggers about pics. Ok, I can relax and post no article. Lazy weekend.

They are using different image hosting service, like one.

Do we use different services by chance or is it possible to select the service? I never heard about selection of image hosting service. If it's possible to select the service, I have to write about in FAQ!

Forget the question @ericet. Now I remember how to workaround this issue. I have to change the pics server. It's the same procedure since early Steem days. I just forgot how to do it. Now I know.

Great job @ericet.

By the way, is up and running. I will post an update.


That's good news. I'm adding your node to the list.

sir , i came across this topic few days back as well. i have few questions to ask.

  1. can we do this on Ubuntu OS
  2. what is the need of doing this , i really don't know about it so please tell me.
    thank you sir.
  1. You can, node is running on ubuntu OS. you can reference to
  2. All the blurt services(,, etc) are relying on full node to get data from blockchain. More full nodes will make blurt network more stable. Also you can run your witness while running the fullnode.

ohk , got it thanks for the help sir.

Not a kind of technical guy but the specifications looks really great loved it.

I will be a witness too on Blurt and Hive in this winter after i travel to my new home. Very nice and easy showed from you. Thank you for that!

Firstly, Kudos @ericet!

You're doing an amazing job for the Blurt network. Correct me if I'm wrong; More Full Node Setup across the Globe would mean More Stability for the Blurt Network, right?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more updates from you especially with regards to the frontend dev.

Thanks a lot!

yes, so the latency will be shorter.

aha, ok got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

What is the cost involved?

for the specs 2cpu+4gb memory+80gb disk is around $10/month