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First update is adding notifications for comments that are under the post but not replied directly to the author

This is requested by @double-u 2 weeks ago. It's rather easy change, but because I got so busy lately, it took me a while to make the change. Sorry for the wait.


Here is the sample notification:


Second update is adding notifications for votes.

I personally don't like receiving notifications for votes because it might keep your discord quite busy with all the vote notifications. But some people like it, so I added the votes notifications for those who like it.

Here is the sample vote notification if you received an upvote on your post:


Here is the sample vote notification if you received an upvote on your comment:


Those two new notifications are set to off by default, so if you want to receive the notifications, please type !set your_blurt_id in the dino discord or directly to Dino-Blurt bot to get a setting link.


If you have no idea what dino is and how to set it up, please refer to this post more information: Dino, A Discord Notifications Bot for BLURT

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Wow, @ericet, you had not forgotten! ;-)

This is wonderful! Thank you very much for your work and also the notification!

I did a power up before for my vote to you ;-)

Best regards, @double-u

Yah, haven’t forgotten, just busy lately :D

Yes, I saw that you were also very busy with blurt.world issues.

Hopefully you will have some time to rest as well!

Hi dear @ericet. Thanks for your steady work. Blurt is running into a lot of redundancies. We have the condenser four times now and notifications at least two times not talking about comments and replies in user menu. Last mentioned two events we can notice now four times as in blockexplorer, Dino, notifications and the user's menu. This is not a fault but a lot of work not needed if it's done one time in the right manner.

Okay, Dino is the fusion of Blurt and Discord events. I agree in this situation, because for instant Discord users Dino is mandatory. But let's have a look to the instant Blurt bloggers want to use their personal blockexplorer. This tool would tell us all secrets, happening on our personal blockchain behalfs but it has lacks in usability and information. Why? Because of the missing filters and still missing information. It should be an easy step to filter the view of blockexplorer by replies, comments, and all the other shown categories of information. We bloggers are missing the height of votes in the tool, shown in BLURT. We like to sort the votes by height. The Explorer could be our central tool for information, when you enhance its informations in a for blogger's useful manner and integrate the whole tool into the condenser. Then you can scratch replies and comments from the user menu and we have some reundancies less in all information tools.
It's just a proposal for better blurting.

I got what you said about a lot of redundancies. That's why slow down the blurt.world development and working on a new UI(previously known as busy)

This new UI has the filtering as you described above:


Ah great. We have just to wait. Thanks for information.

Anticipating on this good friend. Thanks for all you do to keep the blurt flag flying

Thank you for adding notifications for comments and replies. I just noticed that I had got several replies to comments on my post and now with Dinobot's new update I hope I will be notified as soon as there is a reply.

Thank you for working so hard to make Blurt awesome!

Awesome work, This is a great bot that comes in handy a lot. Do you think getting a notification for a certain tag is doable?

There is already tag watch for receive notifications for a tag

🤣🤣 I must have missed it. Will look agian

Hello, I'm @ironshield, I'm new to blurt.

Check out my song "Sometimes you want to go, where nobody wears a mask." It's sung to the theme song to Cheers.



Dino Blurt, just awesome, so I'm on the road, very well informed. Thank you very much for this great job. I myself have no talent for creating something like that.


Hornet on tour

I love the additional replies feature, you can shorten that description to something like "Replies on your posts, not directed at you"

Will update it. Thanks

Love this creative things.. thanks for sharing us

thank you for sharing the info , it is really helpful @double-u .

This is very good to know and learn about @ericet


You are doing a great job and I appreciate you for your valuable effort. The time you invest in the platform, I hope it turns into good energy for you, so I honor your work and dedication.
Good vibes.