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Implemented Blacklist

One of BLURT features is no downvote. This feature eliminates the flag wars and reduces the drama.

But since there is no downvote, there isn't a proper way to stop abuses, identity thefts, plagiarism, etc.

So a blacklist is implemented to have better control of abuses, identity thefts, plagiarism, etc.

If an user is added to the blacklist, then the upvote button will be removed from his posts(prevents other users/curators upvote the posts), and a warning sign will be displayed next to his blurt id:


Hover his blurt ID, a reason will be displayed:


If you believe you are added to the blacklist by mistake, please head to #appeals in blurt discord(

This solution only prevents other users upvote the posts via UI.

Currently, I'm only adding identity thefts to the blacklist. There are quite a few since BLURT payout increased.

If you have any better solution to fight the abuses, please let me know.

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Sunset of abuse

What a great move of the government! Oh you guys are so great! That's exactly what @double-u and I told about, when we discussed what the heck to do with abusers now, when there is no flag.

I have completely different ideas and suggestions that prevent abuse!
I will soon write a whole post about this topic.

Just let me know what's your idea.

Thank you for your interest!

It will still take a while until I have time to write a post.
Unfortunately I have to do some other annoying tasks right now (accounting for tax) :(

Take your time.

Dear Speaker of Government, @jacobgadikian.
Would you please stop the abuse Sunrise of @topoisomerase.

As we all know, this guy is a premium blogger and the retreat of vote button from his abuser account' s fingers makes the sunrise of a valuable blogger on the real Blurt.

You are right ... Then the rewards pool wouldn't be drained that much anymore so that there remained some more urgently needed money to feed ... ehm ... support the poor Korean community. :-)))

But I think you got it wrong: self-votes are explicitely appreciated on Blurt. Or did anybody (I mean any of the Blurt creators) tell you the opposite? That would be interesting news for me, and of course I would obey and stop farming immediately - promised!

The abusers mentioned in the post above are plagiarists and identity thiefs, not self-voters. I have been told self-votes were similar like staking in other chains.

(Anyway: @topoisomerase, this essential enzyme, will be history soon.)

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You know what, @afrog? Even if it doesn't help: I will stop posting and earning ... just NOW, because I feel your passion for Blurt and your pain. :)


I don't feel it's such dramatic and as you wrote, it is peace no pain nor passion. Just following an idea.

... no pain nor passion ...

... said one of the most passionate bloggers ever. ;-)

I am glad to see that something is being done to actively deal with potential abuse @ericet. I hope this blacklisting system will serve the purpose. I am a little concerned that we may not know what the different angles of abuse might be until Blurt becomes more established and therefor becomes really attractive to those who might try scams/abuses to empty the rewards pool by dishonest means. Hopefully many things were learned from watching all the ways Steem went wrong!

In any case, thanks for the update!

I think it is a good idea but I am not sure how others will respond to it.

Will this be only limited to identity theft or will you also add people to this list who indulge in scams, plagiarism etc?

I'm only adding identity theft for now. Once I create a page for curators to submit their blacklist candidates, I will add other type of scams to the list.

If you are going to add other types of scams to the list then I think you also need to create a Appeal page within the UI so that people can appeal from the UI itself and there won't be a need to go to Discord.

I will leave the appeals to whoever reported.

Excellent idea @ericet keep it up.

I think it’s a good idea.

This is a great addition to the community. My only concern is governance. Who manage it and do we have a establish process before blacklisting a member?

I know some are obvious offender, we should have a process on how to add to the blacklist and how to reach out the assigned users to un-block?

Cheers for another excellent addition. Is this added feature to the existing open source condenser? I've asked the question because I am working to build another front-end website to promote blurt.


Currently I'm managing the blacklist, and only adding confirmed identity thefts to the blacklist. For any other types of abuses, will discuss with foundation/curators/witnesses to see how they want to handle them.

Yes, this feature is available in the open source condenser:

This is good. When i saw that there is no downvote option i really amazed. How one can feed back against any crime??? Now it is very good step to punish people who crime on blurt.

Ok, this could actually work, we will see how it goes.