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Notifications Added

Types of Notifications Supported:

  • Replies
  • Mentions
  • Transfers
  • Witness Votes
  • Reblurts
  • Follows

Only supports up to 25 most recent notifications(can set the limit higher but it will use up more memory on my server), but I think it's good for daily usage.


Fixed thumbnails/cover images zooming issue

Thanks to @eastmael, we have a fix for the thumbnails/cover image zooming issue.






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Thanks so much to you both @ericet and @eastmael!!!

Where do we see the notifications, I don't seem to have any?

Thank you. It should appear as badge on your profile picture @megadrive when I mention like this.


I don't see anything on mine

Ahhh. Perhaps there's a timing when notifications are detected. Let me try mentioning me @eastmael.

I even tried with an incognito window and still not

You don't see it is because the notifications program was offline when I was sleeping :D
Restart the program, and it's up running again. Need a program to monitor the notifications program so it will automatically restart after an error.

Ah ok they work now, I have some ideas, allow users to select what type of notifications they want, some users might not want to be notified every time they get a follow and want only mentions and replies, that would take some load off your server. Can add this to the settings page.

Also would be nice to mark individual messages as read too.

it's not possible right now. the limit is set on server side.

@ericet Just a test of the system. Thanks for your work implementing it. What's it going to take to up those 25 notification per user?

The following type of notifications:
Witness Votes
I set the limit to 35 now.

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Thank you very much for the mentions. You know what bloggers need.

Yah, i'm a blogger too. so i know what people need :D

It's really fun here, thanks for your great work!

This is great @ericet

Additional blurt incoming

Thank you thank you thank you




And thank you!

Got it. Thanks a lot!

Thank you a lot!

wow, wow !! guys doing great teamwork, how cool.
Good vibes everyone

I love those notification pop up. Great work.

Notifications are really useful features. It would be really great if we can have the option to customize the notifications we get.

Thanks for the updates. I love the notifications. But I hope voting for Witnesses will work better. I tried voting but it is stuck to loading without end result. Thanks!

yah, there are many issues with the wallet. I'm working on rewrite the wallet.
There is a witness page you can also vote for the witnesses:

Oh, thank you!

You help me in some ways as i am new on blurt. There is my name also. hahah However i am happy to stay with you.

Hope you enjoy your blurt journey

Almost everyone is very helpful on this platform. That is why i think my journey will be more smooth.

Dear @ericet, this is an off topic.
Would you like to fix the FAQ to the wallet's FAQ too?

Yes, I’m going to update it today

Thank you. Another off topic:
Is this the adress for working on Blurt too?

Hi @ericet, been meaning to ask.

Do you have Analytics on the usage of Posts made from since the release of Blurt up to current date?

Sorry for the unrelated comment here.

unfortunately we haven't setup the analytics. I will set one up soon

I'm glad that it's part of your plan. Looking forward to it. Thanks a lot for your great work in Blurt.World & Blurt in general :)