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I am a photography lover and I admire photography a lot. Previously, I have mentioned the entire story of why I love photography and why I feel attached to photographs so much. Somehow I feel connected and I am emotionally attached to some photographs. For example, my mother's picture and some of my childhood pictures with my mom. They are precious and still gives me the vibes of living in moments.

I believe every photo holds a story. Some frames make me nostalgic too. I wish I could explain how it feels when I open my old album of photographs and turn the pages. Some magical moments start floating in front of me and I feel I am alive.

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Recently I started noticing simple things in life which I never noticed before. Obviously, when we go out we take pictures even we say a picture worths a thousand words. But what if we start to create a story behind every picture? Unfortunately, I am not s storyteller, I am a visualizer who admires the beauty of the world. Not only I try to see things differently but also I appreciate the beauty and the reason for the beauty.

Today while walking around I have explored a small shop, a very small cafe with a cute interior. And you know I am a coffee lover so I couldn't resist having a cup of coffee.


It was a very nice, clean, and well-decorated cafe and I am sure their business is doing okay in this pandemic situation. The first thing that caught my eyes was this hanging lamp. Obviously, nowadays hanging lampshades are very common but the placement and shape of this lamp caught my eyes. This spiral filament was the main focus...

Who doesn't love to sit under such kind of light and have a coffee...



I have noticed small flower vases with dry flowers on every square-shaped coffee table. I must say the cafe owner's taste is good and he/she took care of every detail. It's just a vase filled with dry flowers and twigs and what is unique about it. Well, it's a very simple concept and very common but it is about choosing the right thing at the right place. Instead of choosing vibrant color flowers, they have chosen monochrome colors or thematic colors.



I tried to capture the details as much as possible using my smartphone and I am glad about the outcome. These golden featured twigs looked so amazing and bright.

Now what so special in the pictures, maybe nothing, or might be something. I see the texture of these twigs, reminds me of a dandelion. When I see these pictures, I feel like I am touching cotton or a dandelion.



Today I will admire these dry flowers and colorful features, coffee story will write later. I don't like chaotic places, I prefer a calm quiet place to spend time, maybe alone or maybe with someone. For my environment, quality matters because I pay service charges too ;)...

I hope you enjoyed these photographs, if you decorated your vases like this then please share how you have decorated your vases at home. I would love to hear your story too...

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Device: Samsung S20 Ultra
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine
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