What does Self Empowerment mean to ME and what steps am I taking, to Empower myself?

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What makes me Powerful, Confident and Empowered is being in EQUALITY & FREEDOM


First of all it is important to understand what Equality means?

The instant reaction of one is that there should be equality in rights, treatment, opportunities. But does it limit to that? I do not think so. We are living in a space and time where most of our life is dependent on our social factors. And what are these social factors? Our societal structures are build in that way where in there is classification at all levels. Some are eligible to get high priority and some are for low or none. We have created these structures by ourselves, where we consider some as weak and some as strong. Where we think some has more authority and some less. Over a period of time we have adopted the pyramid structure in almost every area of our lives. Be it in the society or at our homes. Like we always believe that Children have lesser power and thinking capabilities then the adults, or that a person who is appointed as the leader of the country has good sense of running the country.


There will be structures in society and we may not be able to eradicate that, but the way these structures are managed is in our hands. Why do some people feel they are weaker then others. It is just because they themselves do not feel empowered.

Even the most educated people, knowledgeable people get suppressed and succumbed, specially in their home environment or even in the social factors around them.

Freedom our basic right is taken away at every step of life. Be it freedom to speak, act, think, but still some people live in this euphoria, that they are living a perfect life. Majority of people live in a state of delusion, they think that they are empowered but the fact is they are just behaving like puppets, going ahead with what society has laid as norms.

For me personally "Empowerment" means being treated equally and living in Freedom with my own sense of responsibility.
I want my Freedom to take my own decisions. Right or Wrong decisions it is fine, but they will be mine and I will be responsible for them. I do not wish to be trapped under anyone's influence. I wish that I can think for myself and take my own decisions.

I want Freedom to make my own choices. I do not wish that someone decides for me what I should wear or should not wear, I do not wish that someone else decides for me how I should be living my life. I want the Freedom to say a YES or a NO. For me living my life with my choices, with my likes and dislikes, making my own decisions, having the space to say a Yes or a NO is my EQUALITY & FREEDOM and when I have that I feel completely empowered. I feel I am in total control of myself. I feel confident, I feel powerful. I know I am in total control of myself and my life.

This does not mean that I am not open to taking advice. Yes that is the Freedom I again give to myself that I am open to taking advice for my good and then make my choices. A lot of people say Knowledge Empowers one, yes it is very true but imagine gaining knowledge and then not having Freedom to use that knowledge, which is the case at large.

We will empower ourselves our families, our societies, when everyone treats each other with respect, when there are no violations of power, when there is no advantage taking of positions. We need to stop dictating, be it to our children or other relations or anyone in general.

We are all born alone and we die alone, so why can't we live our lives with our individual identity. We come together in life in different relations but that does not mean we discard our own identity and start living on other's terms.

Empowerment in it's true sense does not mean feeling powerful or to be in power, but it is more about representation of one's self in a responsible way with ethics and values maintaining dignity and respect for all.

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