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WLS as a play to acquire SPLASH (I do not recommend you buy WLS for the sake of owning WLS)
.....nearly the whole cosmos ecosystem, with a few exceptions.

The first high-speed game to integrate a cryptocurrency mechanism.

Note: I do not consider anything that exists to be high speed.

I'm like Taleb;

I'll only mention that which I'm doing myself.

I do keep in mind that everything from bitcoin to dentacoin may just one day simply explode, and I'll be left with nothing.

Then I'll start again.

Oh and I don't trade. Buy and hold on for dear life so I make sure I like an asset before jumping in.

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Woo hoo.... I’m still powering up my Blurt .... 💦 .... still have until Feb 28 ?

  ·  yesterday (edited)

Yes, you do. Potentially longer.

I really want to get blurt's refactor done.

We have big plans for Blurt.

Making those happen means burying myself in the tech stack for a bit, making odd posts about stuff like "it compiles on mac!" or "can I borrow someone's windows computer remotely for a few hours?"

It'll be fun

Awesome. I’ll keep stacking Blurt Power

Do I have to do anything on Whaleshares ? I think I’m all powered up there too.

On the splash test application, you'll generate a seed phrase, that will give you a splash address.

On Blurt and WLS, you'll send any amount of blurt or wls to @freewilly.

All waiting for Splash's Airdrop

This is going to be really awesome! I'm staking the most until that snapshot day so I'll be activate the hispanic community to be pend of it!

Let's go! Let's SPLASH!

By the way, my Blurtpower is delegated to other Blurt accounts.

Will it affect my Splash airdrop?

  ·  2 hours ago (edited)

Also, I have a question about Sifchain...

What's the difference between ROWAN & EROWAN?

nevermind, I already found it ;)