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That’s super awesome, we should try add other crypto support like ETH which is hot right now. Maybe integrate

yah, i might try to integrate some other crypto like BTC, ETH, LTC.

I’ve used for wordpress, works really well and you can choose which cryptos to allow payment in, maybe check it out before you try reinvent the wheel on just one or two cryptos.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I went through two times, course of collecting knowledge for my new FAQ. It was a very good idea, to enable cards payment. Fiat payment would be a dream. Asked myself already how to sign up without any blockchain account or without any knowlede about coins and exchanges at all. You could tell all the newbies, that the blockchain payment is only for people they are blockchain users already. Otherwise they start to think hard about where they should click now.

I could handle your fomulars very well, but please think blindly as a total newbie. There is always a fuzz about what to do next. Even when there is still one field to fill in, a lot of thoughts are storming through their heads.

In my understanding, the second SignUp bar, where you introduce the Account providers, is too much down under and too white. When I saw the page first, there has been a blackout, where to go on.

Step 1 would be better in example:
*your name you want to appear on Blurt blockchain.
You must not tell them here, that they can change it for their blog later in the settings. It's just for imagination, what kind of name is asked here.

2nd step
Password: your solution is excellent! Great. Well done!

Step 3
same as step 1. What name? For you it's quite clear! In example:

  • existing account name on the the site you want to pay from.
  • Nice to know: Can I transfer from any exchange too? The posibillity would be really great.

Step 4
I was heavily surprised as I clicked on Hive Keychain in step 4. The coin was deducted in such a hurry I even coldn't see what happened. Of course you should write Keychain only in this position on the button. We have the WhaleVault now. One for all or 20 buttons, one for every keychain. One for all is the more intelligent solution.

Step 5 (waiting…)
If the fee is payed, there is no need to wait. But nobody knows right now. Give them the possibility to login from here directly by one click and password! It's the first test and from here you can still guide them very easy because the blockchain knows now, a newbie is coming in.

Excuse me for all these proposals. You did a very good Job at all @ericet!

Thanks for your very detailed suggestions. I will take these in account and implement the changes you suggested.

Thank you for reading and developing.

great tool, already used it.

thanks for your feedback