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Tags take up too much real estate.

Yah, and looks pretty ugly on the UI

Dear @ericet,

have you ever noticed that the first picture of an article does not fit into the preview on the blog? No matter how small you make it. It never fits.



  ·  2 months ago (edited)

yes, we noticed the issue. it's more like image hosting server issue. One quick way to fix it is to set the view to blog mode.


Thanks for your quick answer!

it's more like image hosting server issue.

Can't you fix it there? ;-)

Thanks for the idea with blog mode!

But, when I look at other users' blogs, this mode is very impractical.

I did a quick fix to make the thumbnail not too terrible to see(will deploy in 1 hour). It's just a quick fix, the image hosting should resize the image but seems like it doesn't do the job. I will create an issue for Tuan to look into that.


Great! Thank you very much!

And have a nice evening!

No problem. Have a nice evening.

Hi @ericet,
unfortunately it does not fit yet ;-)


yes, it's image hosting server issue, not much I can do with the frontend. I fixed the thumbnail size a little bit yesterday, so it's not zooming out that much as before.

Okay, thanks!

So we have to wait until someone corrects that on the image hosting server.

Yah, Tuan is the one working on the image server and the chain level code