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Received many feedback about adding other cryptocurrencies(BTC,ETH,LTC,etc) as one of the payment methods

So here you go, now you can pay your account with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCC, DAI~



Also add a explore page when new users successfully created a new account:


Ongoing some tests then it will be ready to roll out.

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It's great to see lots of options. And I like the idea of giving a quick orientation after the account is created. I remember when I first signed up for a Steem account, how hard it was to get some information and try to figure out how the thing actually works.

Yah, same experience. Took me 1,2 months figured out how steem works.

Excellent work integrating the coinbase crypto. This open opportunity for someone with crypto to join BLURT platform.

Well done.

Thank you~

On-point @ericet

Good to see this coming live so soon... Thank you!

This will offer added flexibility to new members Signup.

Thanks for your feedback. I read your article before and realized other crypto payments should be part of the payment methods.

Thanks. I'm happy I was able to contribute something with the post.

Hello, I just registered and created my account; however, I don't have BLURT POWER to start posting; how do I get some BLURT POWER; where and how is the process to buy it.

Thanks for your reason.

Welcome to Blurt!

3 is my lucky number, I symbolically sent you 3 Blurt for a happy start. You already had 1 blurt, so posting should work.

First rewards will be paid out after 7 days, you can also buy some at https://ionomy.com.

You don’t need blurt power to post. All you need is BLURT. When you registered, you initially received 1 blurt to cover all transactions fees, then each day for the next 14 days, you will receive 0.2 blurt each day in case you run out of blurt.

Oh okay, I get it. The thing is, I was thinking I had the same approach and criteria on CR as other platforms. Thank you for the guidance

Hi @ericet, I'm new to here at Blurt, I'm glad to read about these guidelines, the way becomes easier to feel comfortable here and move forward together. Although I have been on the blockchain for a long time, I was surprised by the fact that when I logged in, I explained the basic processes to get off to a good start. Thank you very much.

Welcome to BLURT~

Thanks so much

Awesome. It's always great to have multiple options.

how many great things are you doing, what good energy. I am glad that you are on the path of success in your proposed jobs. Blurt to infinity and beyond.
Good vibes.

I do have great energy when doing something I like. You have the great energy too. Greeting many new users everyday, and good to see you around.

I receive your words very kindly, and I am glad that you like good energy.
Thank you.

I was so happy to see this, like really happy... I couldn't have imagined a better signup process.

I’m happy too. Just see the signup process is getting better with all the feedback

The explore page s great! that's really thinking about the UX and what would someone need help doing as soon as they have an account created..

Great work and certainly very useful!

I think it is a good idea that accounts cannot be created for free, reduces unwanted multiple accounts. And - One question has been on my mind for a while, do you ever sleep?

lol, good quesiton. yes I sleep. Due to the pandemic, I've been remote working for the past 5 months, so got some spare time to working on something I want to do.

Covid was good for Blurt then :), that's about all it was good for though.