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Added list of recommended tags

When coming to put the tags, you have to be super intelligent like @angelica7 to know all the tags. So making things easier for new users, I'm adding a list of recommended tags. You can just hover the tag, a short description about the tag will be shown. Click the tag only specific to your content, and it will automatically add to the tags input field.


Error popup when transaction failed due to insufficient blurt balance

A more friendly error popup will be shown if the user has insufficient blurt to process the transaction


Added balances info to the user profile

Now you can see how much Blurt power and BLURT you have directly from your user profile. Don't need to go to wallet to check.


Added embedded support for wistia videos

Got a request from @teamhunble about adding embedded support for wistia videos. Now it's supported.

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Great idea @angelica7. But why #ecoblurt? Better #blurteco like all the others too begin by #blurt.

not sure about that one. @ecoblurt is the curator account for that tag.

Ahso ahso desu ka deska help, I understand.

That is some crazy development speed!


Love these updates! tags are super useful for everyone!
#introduceyourself is not a thing though? 🤔

Thanks. Just add the tag

Nice! so quick!



Love the recommended tags.

Thanks. Making things easier for everyone

Excellent updates .... Note: the #blurt440 tag shown there should be #blurt420

Thanks for pointing out. It’s fixed

You have really good eyes. Must be all that open space out there off grid.

I have good glasses .... without them I am blind.

Oh lala! You did make me laugh with this reference, but I receive it with joy. Little by little learning and collaborating as I can. You guys are ahead of me, because I have to use the translator lol.
But this new idea of yours is super cool .... I think we make a good team: You are the programmer and I am in charge of the show lol.
I wish you the best of success in everything you set out to do.
Good vibes.


Good team~

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Could you also offer embeded videos for HideoutTV ?
People earn Crypto watching HideoutTV Videos via Earncrypto.... Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin ...

have to look into it and find out




That's pretty cool to know.

I wonder why can't we use the Blurt Power for comments and posting. Wouldn't it be easy for people to just use the staked power for transactions?

I think it will be easier just use the liquid stake. If using staked power for the transactions, users have to buy the liquid stake first, then power them up. that's one extra step for users.
Also, I think the next HF will have 50% rewards in liquid blurt, so users will have some liquid blurt to cover the fees.

That makes sense.

I gave that suggestion because I'm running out of liquid Blurt. 😁

I'll buy some and then use it.

Thank you 😊