Dino Update

in blurt •  2 months ago 

For those who don't know what dino is, please check out this post: Dino, A Discord Notifications Bot for BLURT

Just a quick update to the Dino, added a new setting: Tags Watch

If you want to be notified for new posts with specific tag, this is the setting you need:


To set up the tags watch, just simply type !set your_blurt_id to access your settings page

If you enter more than 1 tag, each tag is separated by comma(,)

Here are some sample notifications:


Hope this little setting help users who are currently managing a specific tag.

If you have any suggestion, please feel free to leave your comments.

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Tag watch is an awesome feature! I've been meaning to signup for Dino, will definitely be doing so this weekend.

Just added the #witness tag, thanks for the awesome feature!

Just one quick question!
Is there a Website been created for "Voting trails" or "Fanbase" for BLURT like there already is on HIVE ? See "Screen Shot" below...

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 16.54.43.png

If there is, then please give me the link , Thank you!

No, it will be a challenge to run steemauto or hivevote on blurt since all transactions need fees. If you don’t have enough bp, you are basically losing money to upvote

Hmmm! Good point @ericet , I had not thought about the FEES ~ Interesting!
Thanks for your reply, appreciated 👍