Dino, A Discord Notifications Bot for BLURT

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Dino is ready to serve you!

Dino is a Discord Notifications Bot for BLURT blockchain

I understand that it's very difficult to find out who mentioned you in posts/comments, so here comes the Dino to help you get notified, and keep you and your followers in sync.

Dino BLURT Home page: https://dino.blurt.buzz/
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/SZBJzwR

Notifications available at the moment:

  • Incoming Replies
  • Incoming Transfers
  • Incoming Delegations
  • Mentions
  • Got Followed
  • Posts Got reblogged
  • Approved and Unapproved Witness Votes
  • Witness missing blocks

How to subscribe?

  1. Join the discord: https://discord.com/invite/SZBJzwR
  2. Type: !reg your_blurt_id in registration channel, Dino will send you the step to get you registered

Once you got registered, you can type !set your_blurt_id to change the default notification settings

Dino will create you a settings page, and you are free to disable the notification or change the notification settings:

Here are some of the sample notification messages:

Please let me know if you have any issue.

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I have signed up, can reply here to my message so I can get my first notification?

See if you get notified

perfect thanks!

I am already testing dino-blurt and I will make a publication in Spanish to encourage its use. Thanks and good vibes.

No problem

set it up perfectly, thank you. great little tool.

Cool. I plan to create something like Gina, buy you already made it. :) move on the next project.