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Just added a richlist to the BLURT explorer:

You can use it to find out:

  • the top stake holders
  • the top accounts with the most BLURT
  • the top accounts powering down the most BLURT
  • and more...


Data is not in real time. It will be updated once a day.

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Thanks for this, reminds me I should add it to my list of BLURT tools..

Hope to get on that soon.

You will.

Hi ericet. Thank you for this useful list. Now we are also able to jump easy to anybody's personal block explorer. @double-u had the idea, to place a button in each line, makes us jumping directly to the blog of different users. Is it possible to implement or is it too much of work?

It's pretty easy task, the only thing is where to put the button. Instead of putting another button, I just use the profile image as a button. When you click on the profile image, it will direct you to the blog.

Also, on the personal block explorer page, add the links there too:


  ·  2 months ago (edited)

You're the fastest! ;-)
Thanks a lot!

This change would have taken 1 year on the Steem ;-)

We should ask our community for to vote the fastest service of all blockchain coders. Would you announce it in the Kneipe tomorrow, @double-u?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Really a great move @ericet!
As I thought where to put the link, I found the same solution. Thank you very much.

no problem